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Remotely change Tool Wear Offsets for Twin Spindle machines with Tool Life Management. 


If you have Industrial Robot(s) and your CNC Machines are in the Robotic Cage, chances are your CNC Machine Operators need to change Tool Wear Offsets on the machine. How do you accomplish that especially when your Industrial Robots are in motion. Well, you can't because of safety reasons. 

As part of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offering MIRA APPS team created a solution just to address that situation. Remote TWO-2SP-TLM (Tool Wear Offsetter for Twin Spindle Machine and Tool Life Management) solution allows the CNC Machine Operators to remotely change tool wear offsets, including CNC machines that have two spindles - left side and a right side. Additionally it allows the CNC Machine Operator to see the Tool Life remaining for each tools on both sides of the machine. 

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(Tool Wear Offsetter Twin Spindle & Tool Life Management)