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Apps and Engineered Solutions

That means they have been thoroughly tested by Okuma America to ensure quality control standards for compatibility, install/uninstall requirements and operation on the THINC-OSP control have been met.

We develop downloadable applications and engineered solutions that increase productivity on the shop floor. Our track record of efficiency improvement is better than 22% after the first year of operation.


MIRA LITE installs directly on Okuma’s THINC – OSP control.  No costly NETWORKS or SERVERS are needed

P-Keyboard includes a complete, on-screen QWERTY, Numeric Keypad, and Panel Mode Select feature which helps to 

P-SCANNER provides Okuma P100II, P200 or P300 control users with the ability to scan a Bar Code, have the associated part program

MIRA LITE automatically tracks and displays Machine Utilization, Part Count, Alarms and Operational Status.

simplify the process of typing and command entry. Shortcut keys are provided to speed up operator inputs and improve efficiency.

automatically retrieved from a local or network location, p-selected into the control ready to run, and call an associated setup instruction file.

P-SECURITY provides Okuma P200 and P300 control administrators the ability to disable USB ports and load a part program through a simple to use interface. The associated programs are stored in a local or network drive securely. 

If a certain part program and its associated sub-programs are edited at the CNC control or deleted by human error or corrupt, the original ones are automatically pulled from the secured location. 

OPC server is a software program that converts the communication protocol used by a PLC into OPC protocol. The OPC client uses the OPC server to get data from or send commands to the control. The goal of the OPC specification is to provide software inter-operability. 

The MIRA OPC Server is a software server application that allows communication with Okuma Legacy Machinery (supporting DNC-T3) and modern P100 II/P200/P300 etc. Read more…






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