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The P-SCANNER interfaces with an OSP P100II, P200 or P300 controls and enables the user to:

  • Automatically download the associated part program from local or network location, saving operator task time

  • Program-select the .MIN file into the control, ready to run, with maximum efficiency

  • Call an associated setup instruction file on-the-fly

P-SCANNER provides an Okuma P200 or P300 control user with the ability to scan a Bar code and have the associated part program automatically retrieved from local or network location, p-selected into the control ready to run, and call an associated setup instruction file.


  • Scan a barcode to load a part program from MD1 folder

  • Can load the part program with a click of the button

  • Rapid deployment

  • *Also ask about P-SECURITY – CNC Programme Edit Lock

Technical Specifications:

  • THINC API v 1.9.1 or greater

  • .NET Framework 4.0 SP1

  • OSP Controls (P100II, P-200 / P-300)

P-Scanner DataSheet


P-Scanner QuickStart


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Figure: Program Loading-Yellow strip at the bottom

Figure: Program Loaded Successfully-Green strip

Color Codes:

Figure: Scanning Barcode