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Are you getting your money's worth?
Productivity Platform for the Shop Floor

MIRA APPS bring People, Machines and Processes together on the shop floor.


We help companies to assess, create and achieve better profitability using MTConnect-enabled solutions that add measurable efficiency from day-1. MIRA PLUS is at the core of our solutions.  We know it’s important that companies big or small, industrial or commercial, are always looking for ways to remain competitive and ensure future success. And, when it comes to Manufacturing Equipment monitoring software and Industrial IoT (Internet of Things), you need no-nonsense reporting that shows how your shop is really performing.



Fix Inadequate Processes


Machine tool Monitoring is not about building a better mousetrap.
It's about gathering information that exposes opportunities to ‘’improve operations’’ and reduce cost.

Operator Efficiency


Machine tool monitoring systems don’t make process changes. People do. Besides machine tool data, you also need “people” data to ID ways to eliminate non-productive activities.



What are our Customers saying

"The 200+ Devices on our shop floor are connected and monitored using MIRA Technology. They’ve made it easy for me to get an aggregated view for utilization and operational efficiency"

Jeff Myer, VP, Microbest, Inc.

“EMEC’s relationship with dataZen Engineering goes back to 2011.  Since then, we’ve jointly delivered some great productivity solutions on Okuma machines and their OSP controls to Linamar, Autocom and Magna Power Train, to name a few happy customers. Will we continue to use dataZen Engineering’s solutions? Absolutely.”

Bill Mara, President, EMEC Machine Tools, Inc

“Working with MIRA APPS team and watching them resolve issues can be utterly amazing. I’ve worked with numerous software engineers over the last 20 years but I’ve never worked with a team that writes and updates correction to code on IoT with real-time operational feedback”

Robert Holman, President, REH Consulting



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